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A comfortable home is a happy home. Make sure your house feels just right with a little help from the HVAC pros at ACT Heating & Cooling. Our talented HVAC contractors provide superior:

Heating services - we'll get your heater back up and running or replace it if it's beyond repair.
Air conditioning services - we offer repairs and replacements for damaged or worn-out air conditioners.
HVAC maintenance - we'll make sure your unit is ready for the heavy lifting of summer and winter extremes.
We do things right the first time at ACT Heating & Cooling. Call 208-888-2836 to speak with an ACT Heating & Cooling contractor about the HVAC issues plaguing your Meridian or Nampa, ID home.

Residential Heating Services

HVAC Maintenance Services

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In the Meridian, Idaho area, both winter and summer temperatures can be uncomfortable without a functioning HVAC unit in your home. Keep your heating and air working properly when you need it most. Right now, we're offering a special deal - $80 service calls to analyze and diagnose any issue with your air conditioner or heater. Contact us today to learn more.

About ACT Heating & Cooling

ACT Heating & Cooling first opened in Meridian, Idaho to provide food processing plants with dedicated HVAC services. We built conveyor systems and control systems to keep these operations running smoothly.

Later, we transitioned into residential services, and now we work hard to bring the same level of quality we brought to the food processing industry to homeowners. Our talented HVAC contractors install and repair air conditioning and heating units in Meridian & Nampa, Idaho and surrounding areas!

When you run into issues with your HVAC system, call us at 208-888-2836 . We'll be there to check out the problem ASAP.

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-Meridian ID.
- Nampa ID.
- Boise ID.
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